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this game is really good but you should add some boosters or something to make it shine

Great game, the mood is spot on! Can I ask you how you did the leaderboard? Did you use some sort of API or coded it yourself? Thank you!

Thanks ^^

We use Plassion leaderboard - a free service with good simple API. This is the only way that i found to make online leaderboard on

Thank you so much :) Keep up the good work, I'm pretty sure these small but quality games will eventually lead to somewhere greater.

For some reason, the encrypted message button doesn't do anything. Is it because you didn't expect anyone get to it, or is it just a bug? 10/10 otherwise!

Oh, that's because s̵͙̺̰̀̿̎̕͘ö̷̼̣̤́͋̎͐͝m̵̦̺̫̐͛̌͝͝ẻ̵͔̞̏t̶͍̱͒͂͠h̵̝̥͇͍̕ǐ̸͚̹̼̘n̶̺͈̬̭̎̀̾̏͑ĝ̷͓̦̊̂ ̵̖̮̮͖̯͆̓̉̋͝g̷͔̈́̅̓ŏ̵̫̪͙̪̎n̵̨͓̹͛͘ḙ̵̩͒̀̍̒ ̷͕͙͕͂́͠ẅ̷̫̦̚r̵̠̙̄̌̐ô̷̺̬͕̂̅̌ṅ̷͓̪̝̫̬̇̋̑͝g̶̭̣͉͊̽͊͌̇ͅ

how do you start the game

You need to press "space" :) Sorry for that!

Wow. This game is awesome. Do you plan other levels? I can’t wait for it.

Thanks a lot dude! Yes we do, we even have already a new ided, so just wait :3

This game is a lot of fun. Make more levels please.

OMEGALUL! That's incredible you've made a let's play video for our game! Dude, you're awesome! Thanks you a lot for this, we will definitely provide new levels in near future, and you really inspire us to do that!
(Btw, there is a quality knob, you can choose low-level to minimize lags. You are hero in our eyes, because that was really hard to play with such fps :D )

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This is actually a really fun game. It's making me want to create such levels with these!

Just as a recommendation, You can just put the exe inside of a zip instead of using an unzipper installation so that we don't get russian text on unarchive.

Thanks for your feedback, It’s very important for us to know that the game is interesting to people!

And thanks for your advice, we fix it right now :p




Glad you liked it :3


I played this game in kongregate, great job :D, really awesome game


Oh, thank you very much, i really appreciate this! ^^


That's pretty awesome in 48 hours :)

Simple and interesting. The background looks cool too, hope to see updates!

Thanks a lot for your feedback, man! Updates are coming soon! :)


Sadly the music and the inputs aren't perfectly synched :'(((((((((

But it's still very good for a first game ツ

Yeees, the aren't, unfortunately :c But we will firstly fix it in our next versions , thanks a lot for your comment, bro! ;D